Would you knowingly have poo on your hands?

1 in 5 People Don’t Wash Their Hands…

…and of those that do, only 30% use soap. It’s reccomended to do 15-20 seconds of vigorous hand washing with soap and water to effectively kill germs, but only about 5% of people wash their hands for 15-seconds or more. The result – fecal matter including bacteria such as E. coli can be found on just over a quarter of our hands which means those hands are contaminating everything they touch.

Microshield’s disinfection service kills all the bacteria, viruses and moulds that you can’t see.  Our process is safe to use on all surfaces including electronics items, toys, soft furnshings and even paper.

Our process is an inexpensive and highly effective method of infection prevention and anyone can use our service to create a cleaner healthier environment.

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