Why cleaning isn’t always good enough

We speak to a lot of businesses who are adamant that because they clean, there’s no risk of cross contamination/infection on their premises.

If that’s the case, what about all those well known brands that hit the headlines for hygiene issues?  They all clean but it’s not always good enough.

Whilst cleaning is essential to get rid of dust, debris & stains – it’s not an effective method of infection prevention as a cloth transfers germs from surface to surface.

There are many items that cannot be sprayed & wiped – for example electronic items, soft furnishings, even pens and paper.

No amount of spraying and wiping removes those contaminates floating about in the air.  They simply re-settle recontaminating cleaned surfaces.

The disinfectants being used aren’t left on surfaces for the required contact time.

Who has time to wipe every keyboard, light switch & door handle?

Microshield’s disinfection service ensures an area & it’s entire contents are santisied – including electronics, pens & light switches.  Our process elevates exisiting cleaning to the highest possible standard reducing the risk of you hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Our process is inexpensive, highly effective, quick & 100% environmentally friendly.

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