What do our clients think of Microshield?

We were delighted to see these reviews on Facebook last night.

As a small independent business, our clients are hugely important to us and we strive to deliver the best service possible at all times.

We offer regular scheduled preventative client visits but we can also react quickly if a client has a particular issue to deal with such as a flood or an outbreak. Our technicians can be with you within a matter of hours to ensure your premises are sanitised and any risk associated with bacteria and viruses is removed.

Anyone can use the Microshield disinfection service to improve hygiene, reduce cross contamnination and the risk of infection.

The process is inexpensive, environmentally friendly and since you can use treated spaces immediately – there’s no interuption to your business.

Just one application offers 14 days continuous protection which means the problem of recontamination is dealt with more effectively than manual cleaning.

We believe we’re offering a valuable service and we love what we do. It’s great to hear that our clients agree.

If you have a problem, Microshield can help. A bit like ghostbusters but for germs….Who you gonna call?

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