Is there someone in your office with a cough or cold?

When you cough germs can travel about 3 metres if you do not put your hand or a handkerchief over your nose and mouth.

Think about all the items those droplets cover, especially in an office environment.

Microshield can help prevent sickness spreading around a workplace. Healthy staff are more productive and less likely to be off sick. We apply a long lasting disinfectant shield to all surfaces including keyboards, phones, furnishings – everything right down to the pens on your desk.

This shield cannot be removed by wiping and continues to kill bacteria and viruses for up to 3 weeks after application which in turn reduces the risk of infection spreading.

With costs from as little as £75 + VAT, we’re much cheaper than paying out for sickness absence.

Call now to find out how you can prevent dreaded winter bugs doing the rounds in your workplace.

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