If you could keep your staff healthy and save money on sickness absence, you’d do it right?

Is staff sickness a problem in your workplace?  How much does absence cost your business?  Sickness doesn’t just cost money.  There’s the reduction in productivity and staff morale to consider too.

If you could keep your team healthier and save money, would you do it?

Microshield’s disinfection service creates cleaner, healthier environments for staff.  Our product kills the bacteria and viruses that conventional cleaning can’t, which means the spread of infection (colds, flu and Norovirus) is completely minimised.

This is achieved by applying a long lasting disinfectant shield to all surfaces including electronic equipment and even pens.  The residual effect of our disinfectant means it keeps working for weeks after application – taking care of all those nasties working their way around the office and keeping staff protected from infection.

With prices from as little as £75 + VAT, Microshield could save you a lot of money. For a no obligation quote call 0330 2020 277

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