How big a problem is antibiotic resistance?


“If antibiotics lose their effectiveness, key medical procedures – including organ transplantation, Caesarean sections, joint replacements and chemotherapy – could become too dangerous to perform”.


Microshield’s specialist disinfection service creates cleaner, healthier environments and helps prevent the spread of infection. This is achieved through the electrostatic application of a long lasting disinfectant that continues to kill bacteria and viruses for weeks after application.

Our process coats all surfaces including electronic items, soft furnishings – even pens and paper. It removes the risk of cross contamination associated with using a cloth.

Anyone can use our service to improve hygiene. It’s inexpensive, quick and a highly effective method of infection prevention.

We work with Nurseries, Softplay, Leisure Facilities, Gyms, Care Homes, Restaurants, Offices and Workplaces.

For more information call 0330 2020277 or [email protected]

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