Here’s one of our new Microshield technicians in action.

Our protective disinfectant shield is applied using an electrostatic sprayer. The charged mist has the ability to wrap around objects and cover surfaces not directly targeted by the spray gun.

This application ensures a seamless coverage, leaving no gaps. Unlike manual spraying & wiping. This ensures all items in the room are being treated and the risk of cross contamnination is reduced.

Just one application of Microshield offers 14 days continuous protection against bacteria and viruses.

Our process is inexpensive, highly effective, environmentally friendly and non-allergenic.

Anyone can use our service to create cleaner, healthier environments – reducing the risk of cross contamination, the spread of infection and ultimately reducing the associated costs.

It takes only minutes to treat a room and treated spaces can be used immediately, meaning very little interuption to the running of your business.

For more information call 0330 2020 277

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