All the cloth seats that you see on a public transport are home to an unimaginable number of bacteria as well as mould. The cloth seats are difficult to clean, and even if someone wipes them with alcohol wipes, it will only kill a nominal portion of the bacteria.

Microshield can disinfect soft furnishings easily. Our product leaves no residue but just one application gives 14 days protection against germs.

Anyone can use the Microshield service to improve hygiene, reduce contamination and the spread of infection – not to mention reduce the associted costs.

We work with Offices and Call Centres, Nurseries, Care Homes, Softplay, Shopping Centres, Hotels, Restaurants, Gyms, Leisure Centres and even Domestic Households.

Our disinfection service is inexpensive, highly effective, environmentally friendly, non-allergenic and long lasting.

Call 0330 2020 277 for more information & a no obligation quote.

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