Do you know that touching your face is the perfect way for bacteria and viruses to enter your body?

Office workers touch their hands to their faces an average of 18 times an hour.

When we touch our faces, we bring all the collected gunk from our keyboard, desktop or phone right to our respiratory and digestive systems every three and a half minutes – bacteria and viruses couldn’t ask for a better transportation system.

We pick up all the bacteria and viruses our colleagues leave behind and with 62% of men and 40% of women admitting to not washing their hands every time the visit the toilet some of those germs are pretty stomach churning.

Microshield create cleaner, healthy environments & reduce the spread of infection.  We do this by applying a long lasting disinfectant to all surfaces.  Our product creates an invisible protective shield on all surfaces – right down to pens and this shield kills bacteria and viruses for weeks after application.

Environmentally friendly, safe to use on all surfaces and with prices from as little as £75+ VAT, Microshield can help any business improve their hygiene. Call now for more information for a no obligation quote.

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