Do you know how many working days are lost to sickness in the UK?

About 137m working days were lost from illness & injury in 2016, say the Office for National Statistics.

Minor illnesses such as coughs & colds accounted for almost a quarter of the days lost.

How much is staff sickness costing your business? Microshield can help reduce costs by getting rid of the bacteria and viruses that spread around an office environment.

Your office may look clean but cleaning isn’t disinfecting.  Cloths simply transfer germs from surface to surface and not all surfaces can be easily disinfected i.e. keyboards, soft furnishings, photocopiers.

Microshield coat all surfaces (right down to pens on desks) in an invisible protective shield.  This kills bacteria and viruses for weeks after application – reducing the risk of infection and keeping staff protected. Ultimately reducing staff sickness and the associated costs.

Our process is inexpensive, environmentally friendly and non-allergenic.

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