Could your toilet seat be cleaner than your child’s toys?

When compared to an average toilet seat, children’s toys and equipment like balls, computer game controllers and bicycles were found to carry far more germs. Common contaminants include E. coli and enterobacteriaceae.


Since children put everything into their mouth, toys should be carefully cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.


Microshield disinfect nurseries to keep bacteria levels at a minimum.  Our environmentally friendly disinfection process is non-allergenic, creates no issue with antibiotic resistance and is completely safe to use on toys, furnishings, electronic items and even paper.  Microshield kill the bacteria, viruses, odours and moulds that traditional cleaning cant.

What steps does your child’s nursery take to keep your little ones protected from germs?  There’s a big difference between things looking clean and being hygienically clean.

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