Team Microshield are always ready to help clients. At 10.30pm last night we took a call from the owner of a Glasgow city centre cafe who’d been flooded. By 10.15am this morning one of our technicians is there to disinfect after the clean up -ensuring the premises are hygienically clean for re-opening.

Our environmentally friendly disinfectant shield offers 14 days continuous protection against bacteria and viruses.

As much as manual cleaning is essential for getting rid of dirt and debris, there’s a high chance the cloth being used is simply transferring bacteria from surface to surface.

Microshield’s disinfectant shield ensures the risk of cross contamination is reduced, as is the spread of infection.

Microshield, ghostbusters for germs.

For more information on how we can help you ensure top notch hygiene call 0330 2020 277.

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