Who uses Microshield?

This swab was taken from a door handle in an office:

Anyone can use Microshield to improve hygiene & reduce cross contamination. Whilst cleaning makes everything look shiny, chances are – you’re simply moving bacteria from surface to surface.

Inexpensive, environmentally friendly and safe to use on all surfaces, our disinfection process kills bacteria and viruses for up to 3 weeks after application – reducing the spread of infection.

Our process deals effectively with the dreaded Norovirus as well as nasties including E.coli, Salmonella and MRSA.

If you have an issue with staff sickness or your business requires the most robust of hygiene standards to minimise risk to the public then Microshield can help.

We work with Offices and Workplaces, Nurseries, Care Homes, Shopping Centres, Beauty salons, Gyms and Leisure Facilities, Shopping Centres, Transport, Restaurants, Hotels and even Domestic Households.

With prices from as low as £75+ VAT per treatment – can you afford NOT to be hygienically clean?

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