Where have the Microshield techicians been this week?

Our Microshield technicians completed two big jobs in London last night. We’re excited to be building up a client base throughout the U.K and it’s encouraging that more & more businesses are understanding the value of top notch hygiene in addition to their usual clean.

Cleaning is essential but wiping is not disinfecting.

Our jobs this month have included sanitising shopping centres, a leisure centre, childrens nurseries, call centres , offices and we’ve also treated a property with a mould issue.

Microshield can help anyone create cleaner, healthier environments – our disinfection process applies a protective shield to surfaces, reducing the risk of cross contamination and the spread of infection – ultimately reducing the costs and risks associated with bacteria and viruses.

Our product is environmentally friendly, non-allergenic and completely safe to use on all surfaces including electronics and soft furnishings.

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