What makes Microshield better than other disinfection companies?

Unlike hydrogen peroxide which offers no lasting protection against bacteria and viruses, Microshield’s advanced disinfectant offers continual protection against cross contamination for weeks after application. This ensures our clients get piece of mind and better value for money.

As much as hydrogen peroxide is effective in killing harmful pathogens, recontamination of a treated space can happen in as little as a couple of hours. We didn’t think this was good enough so we spent a lot of time sourcing a newer more advanced product that gives 14 days protection against germs with just one application.

Hydrogen peroxide also needs a settling time of between 30 and 90 minutes – this isn’t always practical & can interupt the running of a business. Our process ensures spaces are completey safe to use immediately after treatment.

As an independent company we’re always looking to move with the times and that includes using the best disinfectant products we can find , continually refining our processes and upgrading our kit when something better becomes available. Our battery operated back pack sprayers make jobs quicker, slicker and because there are no trailing cables – trip hazzards are completely eliminated, ticking the health and safety boxes.

As a small business, we’re invested in building honest and long term relationships with our clients & suppliers who’ll always receive a personal service. We enjoy getting to know our clients, their businesses and how they work. That way, our service can be slotted into their routine with minimal fuss.

We believe we’re offering a valuable service and we love what we do.

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