The Low Down on High Chairs

For those of you with little ones, this swab was taken from a high chair in a cafe last week. Those red splodges show the presence of coliforms – found in the gut. Would you eat from this?

Ensuring that high chair surfaces are cleaned and sanitised is often overlooked in restaurants and cafes due to the high turnover of customers and staff carrying out duties elsewhere. A wipe with a cloth simply isn’t good enough.

Careful high chair cleaning is one more way to ensure a great family dining experience. Not only does a clean, sanitised high chair contribute to a more pleasant, less stressful outing, it also helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses capable of causing foodborne illness.

Stopping the spread of foodborne pathogens is the best protection for customers – and for the reputation and continued success of the restaurant.

Microshield offer an inexpensive and effective disinfection service that ensures a hospital grade clean. We even give our clients a Certificate of Disinfection to show their customers how seriously they take their hygiene.

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