Norovirus is notoriously difficult to get rid of. Microshield can help.

Noroviruses are spread through consumption of faecally contaminated food and water or by direct person to person contact. Environmental contamination may also act as a source of infection eg door handles, crockery and cutlery. Those infected shed the virus in their vomit and stools when symptoms begin and may continue after symptoms have resolved, usually for 48-72 hours but may be longer; they are highly infectious.

Norovirus infection can very quickly spread through closed communities such as nursing homes, hospital wards, children’s nurseries and cruise ships.

Microshield offer a specialist disinfection service which is an efficient and cost effective method of containing this type of outbreak.  Our ‘fogging’ application method kills surface bacteria and airborne contaminates making it quicker and more effective than conventional cleaning.

Anyone can use our service.  We work with Nurseries, Care Homes, Offices & Workplaces, Gyms, Softplay, Shopping Centres, Hotels, Restaurants and Domestic Households.

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