Kissing or Shaking Hands – which is best?

A kiss or two on the cheek might seem a little too continental for some. But if you want to stay healthy it’s time to pucker up.

The continental-style peck on the cheek is far more hygienic than the trusty British handshake, according to health experts. While a quick air kiss – or two – somewhere in the cheek region is a relatively-germ free affair, hand-shaking it seems is another matter.

No matter how clean one person keeps their hands, unfortunately there is just no guarantee that the person on the other end of the greeting maintains such stringent standards.

Our hands come in contact with many more surfaces than our mouths and therefore carry a variety of germs.  Hands also lack the anti bacterial effects of saliva. Germs are present on all surfaces and also in air suspended in tiny droplets called fomites, aiding in their transfer from one infected person to another.

Surfaces from which the hands become contaminated, such as food contact surfaces, door handles, tap handles, toilet seats and cleaning cloths need regular disinfecting and that’s where Microshield can help.

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