Is cleaning alone enough to protect you from risk?

Microshield are delighted to work with forward thinking businesses who understand the importance of good hygiene practice, keeping their customers safe and protecting their business reputation.  Who wouldn’t want that certainty?

Anyone can use our disifection service to ensure a hospital grade clean.  We work with Restaurants, Nurseries, Softplay, Care Homes, Gyms, Hotels, Offices, Shopping Centres and even domestic households.

Microshield kill the bacteria, viruses and moulds that traditional cleaning cant.  Elimating the risk of cross contamination associated with using a cloth and getting rid of those airborne contaminates everyone forgets about.

Our ‘fogging’ process is  an environmentally friendly, effective and low cost method of infection prevention.

There’s a big difference between things looking clean and being hygienically clean.  Our swabs are designed to show you what the eye can’t see.

If you’d like some swabs taken from your business and a no obligation quote, contact [email protected] or for more information visit

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