How important is cleanliness to you when choosing a venue?

Over 70% of the people we surveyed said they’d choose one venue over another if they knew it was cleaner.

There’s a big difference between looking clean and being hygienically clean though. Microshield ensure premises are hygienically clean – keeping people protected from bacteria and viruses and reducing the risks and costs associated with germs.

Upon completion of a disinfection treatment we supply our clients with certificate to display. This is a great way for them to let their customers know they’re looking after them & taking steps to improve hygiene.

You’ll see the Microshield certificates in shopping centres, softplay, nurseries, gyms, restaurants, offices and work places not only in Scotland but as far afield as London.

Just one application of our disinfectant shield offers 14 days continous protection against germs. It’s also environmentally friendly, non-allergenic and inexpensive.

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