How do you get Norovirus?

Norovirus – often known as the “winter vomiting” bug affects people of all ages. It is highly contagious & common in winter months.

Norovirus spreads very easily in public places such as hospitals, nursing homes and schools.

You can catch it if small particles of vomit or poo from an infected person get into your mouth, such as through:

Close contact with someone with norovirus – they may breathe out small particles containing the virus that you could inhale.

Touching contaminated surfaces or objects – the virus can survive outside the body for several days.

Eating contaminated food – this can happen if an infected person doesn’t wash their hands before handling food.

A person with norovirus is most infectious from when their symptoms start until 48 hours after all their symptoms have passed, although they may also be infectious for a short time before and after this.

Microshield’s long lasting disinfectant can help prevent Norovirus spreading as once applied to all surfaces, it continues to kill bacteria and viruses for up to 3 weeks – therefore reducing the risk of cross contamination & the spread of infection.

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