Glucopon is an excellent detergent used in cleaning products. It shows excellent wetting, dispersing, and interfacial tension reduction properties. Silver... Glucopon


Glucopon is an excellent detergent used in cleaning products. It shows excellent wetting, dispersing, and interfacial tension reduction properties. Silver Fern Chemical, Inc. takes care of the supply problem across North America with an interconnected network of producers and strong logistics.

What is a detergent?

A detergent is a water-soluble cleansing agent that combines with impurities to make them more soluble. Unlike other available materials, it does not form a scum when mixed with the salts and minerals in hard water.

Detergents may be used on porous or non-porous surfaces. They are useful in both soft and hard water.

What is the effect of Glucopon?

This compound is a surfactant, making it a desirable cleaner. It provides excellent detergency and processing benefits in products.

Unlike non-ionics, this compound is highly soluble in certain solutions. Although binds to dirt and other impurities in solutions, it mixes well in solutions.

Industrial uses

When your business is helping others stay clean, this chemical is a chief ingredient. It makes an appearance in laundry detergents, liquid hand dish detergents, and I&I cleaners.

Your customers need a solution that keeps uniforms, sheets, clothing, and businesses spotless. Soap scum leaves undesirable residue that takes time, labor, and often increased cost to handle. There is no better solution than Glucopon.

Is glucopon safe?

The compound is extremely mild when used on the skin. It is generally considered safe for use. However, this chemical is non-consumable.

While the compound is useful in cleaners, it is not meant for general consumption. Inevitably, as with many different detergents and soaps, some of the compound will find its way onto the skin and even onto something consumed. In microscopic quantities, this is not a problem.

Storing and Handling Glucopon

There is a special consideration when storing the chemical for manufacturing. Storage tanks are generally kept at -43 degrees Celsius. The solution becomes hazy when above 35 degrees Celsius. To avoid discoloration when heating, it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 43 degrees Celsius.

Iron contamination is also be considered when using the compound. Avoid contact with carbon steel.

Bulk chemical supply in North America

Chemical prices are subject to changes in demand, shortages, and the general expense of specialized production. This can make purchasing large quantities of chemicals a costly venture.

Silver Fern Chemicals, Inc. leverages partnerships spread throughout the glove to provide compounds at the lowest possible price for consumers.

We obtain chemicals at a large enough quantity to avoid significant variance in the market. This allows our customers to continue to produce without fear.

Where can I find help with transporting chemicals?

Logistics and distribution is a concern that plagues manufacturers. Assuring a steady supply chain is our specialty. Never worry with our customized transportation solutions.

We understand state and national laws for transporting any chemical in North America. Our capacity to deliver by land, air and sea creates an edge for manufacturers.

Our professionals are ready to help you set up a resilient supply of raw materials. Get in touch with us today.