Foam handwash has no benefit at all

Anti-bacterial foam hand wash has been hailed as a germ ridding saviour but a new study has found that the foam-based soap may not actually have benefit at all.

As well as being ineffective, there are plenty of other reasons to stop using anti-bacterials – these inlcude, hormone imbalance, damage to fetal development and the fact they can make you prone to allergies.

With the threat of antibiotic resistance looming, we all need to take responsibility for healthy, environmentally friendly methods of infection prevention.

Microshield can help. Our disinfection process is 100% environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, non-allergenic & creates no issue with antibiotic resistance.

Our fogging process removes surface bacteria from the air and contaminates from the air. We create healthier, cleaner environments therefore protecting people from the risk of infection.

Anyone can use our service including restaurants, nurseries, softplays, care homes, gyms and even domestic households. For more information visit our website or email [email protected]

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