Fly tipping

Residents of Newton Mearns and the surrounding areas have been dealing with an infestation of flies for weeks, however it seems there are plans afoot to remove the source of the flies – an illegal dump.

If you’re concerned about flies spreading bacteria around your home or business, Microshield offer an environmentally friendly disinfection service which removes all surface bacteria as well as any airborne contaminates.

In most cases, healthy adults have a good immune response to the bacteria spread by flies, however for other groups, such as infants, senior citizens and those whose immune systems are compromised by illness or chemotherapy, serious health problems can result. 

Our process can be used by anyone including domestic households, restaurants, cafes & gyms. The process is safe to use on all surfaces including furnishings, electronic items and even toys. 30 minutes after disinfection the treated area is residue free, completely sanitised and safe to use.