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Call Us For Free Electronic Equipment Recycling: When companies engage in responsible e-waste recycling, it benefits the local area and the... Electronic Equipment Recycling

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When companies engage in responsible e-waste recycling, it benefits the local area and the global environment. When we consider that only about 13% of electronic waste is being responsibly recycled, and the rest is ending up in the landfill, it can truly be discouraging. At Excess Logic, we strive to keep more e-waste from reaching the landfill and we provide all of Fremont and its surrounds with 100% free company pick-up and recycling of electronic waste.

It can be tempting to opt out of the recycling movement, thinking that one single company can’t do much or that it’s too much effort to bother. We’re on hand to remind every local business that it takes only one phone call to do their part in the effort to save the planet. We’ll do the rest! Just give us a call at 650-307-7553 and we’ll schedule a free pick up of your electronic equipment for recycling. That’s all there is to it, and you’ll free up some facility space at the same time.


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While you may think that any business would take advantage of a free service that makes recycling an effortless process, the truth of the matter is that’s not necessarily so. In the San Francisco Bay and encompassing regions, business owners can call us at 650-307-7553 for totally free electronic equipment recycling that is hassle-free. If that’s not enough to get your attention, consider that you may have electronics being stored in your facility that may still hold a portion of its value. We can take a look at what you have, and if your electronics qualifies, we’ll store it, sell it, and share the profits with you after the sale.

You’ll find regular electronic equipment recycling is the best method of keeping your facility free from obstructions that can keep operations running smoothly. It may be the case that your company has cut back in resources leaving no-one accountable for resource recuperation, in which case, the fastest and least demanding approach to recovering on your investment is to call on us.

Recycling is about much more than just keeping e-waste out of the landfill; it’s also about reducing the amount of raw materials necessary for manufacturing new products. By reusing materials that cost a significant amount of money to harvest from the earth, we can all work together to save our planet’s resources. Reuse of equipment takes effort, and that means more jobs as well. There is as of now a 87% shortage of hardware being reused. Do your part in making sure your electronics equipment is reused to the greatest extent possible. It requires such little investment to recycle, especially when you consider that we will do all the work and not charge you a dime!

You can learn more by visiting us online. We are formerly CleanBayArea and are still known to many business in the area by that name. Don’t let our fresh website and new name fool you- we still provide the most respected services in the state of California for electronic equipment recycling.

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