Anti-bacterial wipes only eradicate bacteria from kitchen surfaces for 20 minutes and using them to keep germs at bay is “an absolutely redundant” exercise, a scientist has said.

Dr Clare Lanyon, a biomedical scientist from Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne, said consumers may be wasting money on antibacterial wipes and sprays because common germs, which can replicate themselves in just 20 minutes, quickly recolonise back to original mass even if just one single cell is left over.

Microshield’s environmentally friendly disnfectant offers continuous protection against bacteria and viruses for 14 days.

We offer an inexpensive & highly effective method of infection prevention and anyone can use our service to improve hygiene, reduce the risk of cross contamnination, the spread of infection and the associated costs.

We work with Nurseries, Care Homes, Softplay, Shopping Centres, Offices, Call Centres, Beauty Salons, Leisure Centres, Gyms, Hotels, Restaurants & Domestic Households.

With prices from only £75 + VAT, can you afford not to be hygienically clean?

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