If you’re one of those people who doesn’t stroll into the gym shower with a cool pair of slides, you’re about to be shocked.

A man in Texas caught a flesh-eating infection after taking a shower barefoot in his gym. What started as a singular wart grew into five of them, as well as open wounds.

After many failed remedies and several months of pain, the unnamed man underwent skin graft surgery with fish scales. He’s two months removed from surgery and still another month away from being able to walk properly.

Microshield disinfect gyms to ensure the risk of infection is completely minimised. Sometimes cleaning isn’t enough to ensure a gym environment is bacteria and virus free.

Did you know Norovirus can last up to a month on gym equipment?

Our environmentally friendly disinfection process is inexpensive and once applied to all surfaces (including equipment, shower areas and locker room benches), continues to kill bacteria and viruses for up to 3 weeks – keeping gym goers protected.

Is your gym taking your health as seriously as you are? Folr as little as £75 per treatment, they really should be.

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