Are your cleaning products actually doing the job you need them to do?

Many people think that all disinfectant solutions are basically the same and the only differences are colour, fragrance, and maybe the dilution ratio.

All disinfectants are not created equal.

Microshield use a long lasting, environmentally friendly, non-allergenic disinfectant. Once applied, our product leaves an invisible shield that’s capable of killing bacteria and viruses for weeks after application.

Unlike spray and wipe formulas, our product is suitable for use on all surfaces including sensitive electronic equipment and soft furnishings – all the bits that get missed in a manual clean. Our application method ensures nothing gets missed – again, another downside of spraying and wiping.

Anyone can use the Microshield disinfection service to improve hygiene, reduce cross contamination and the spread of infection as well as reducing the associated costs. Call 0330 2020 277 for more information.

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