Are you surrounded by people coughing & spluttering?

Are you surrounded by people coughing & spluttering? Do you know a cough or sneeze can travel 6-8 meters? That bacteria is landing on all the surfaces you touch.

On average you touch your face 2000 to 3000 times per day – that’s 2 to 5 times a minute – plenty of opportunity for those winter bugs to infect you.

Norovirus is highly contagious and it can last for weeks on hard surfaces and up to twelve days on contaminated fabrics.

Microshield can help anyone improve hygiene and prevent the spread of infection. With prices from as little as £75 + VAT, having Microshield in to sanitise your workplace is likely to be far cheaper than winter sick pay.

We santise everything including electronic items and soft furnishings – right down to pens on desks. Our long lasting disinfectant shield kills bacteria and viruses for weeks after application – reducing the risk of contamination and the spread of infection which in turn should keep staff healthy and save you money.

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