Are you actually cleaning, or just moving germs around?

Microshield speak to a lot of peole who assume that because they clean,  there’s no issue with hygiene.  Thankfully, we have our handy little dipslides which are perfect for showing up all those germs invisible to the eye.  Whilst cleaning is essential for making your office/home/restaurant/nursery etc look presentable – the surfaces are only as clean as the cloth used to wipe them & there’s a high chance bacteria is simply being transferred from one place to another.

Microshield’s specialist disinfection process is environmentally friendly, non -allergenic and ensures every square inch of the area being treated is completely sanitised. An average room takes minutes and 30 mins later, the space is residue free and safe to use.   We’ll even give you a Certificate of Disinfection once the treatment is complete.

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