ant exterminator Forney

Ants aren’t just a problem at picnics; they may also make their way into your home. Ant infestations are serious and require help from a...

ant exterminator Forney

Ants aren’t just a problem at picnics; they may also make their way into your home. Ant infestations are serious and require help from a professional ant exterminator in Forney. Ants are a common problem here in the Forney area. Most people have an ongoing problem with ants because they are so prevalent.

Ant Control

Ants live in colonies and each colony may contain hundreds of thousands of members. There are different kinds of ants and each can do specific types of damage. Carpenter ants are typically the most serious because they can cause structural damage to your home. They feast on wood and once they find a source they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. Other types of ants include house ants that are usually located in your kitchen and fire ants that cause pain if they sting you.

The first step is to contact a qualified ant exterminator in Forney. The exterminator will evaluate the situation and try to pinpoint the problem. The ant colony needs to be located so that it can be eradicated. It is essential to determine exactly where the ants are entering the home and where they are located inside the home.

Ant Exterminator in Forney

In order to properly remove the ants and keep them from returning an ant exterminator in Forney needs to address all areas including the location of the main colony, the entry points into the home and the locations where ants are inside the home. The type of treatment that is necessary depends on many factors including the type of ant and the degree of infestation.

Treatments might include both internal and external extermination. Internal extermination starts with an inspection to determine exactly where the ants are penetrating the home. All of the potential openings need to be treated such as areas around the plumbing and sinks. Since ants can enter through extremely tiny spaces, all of these areas must be treated. Interior extermination utilizes safe products that are derived from chrysanthemums. Additionally, ant traps might be placed in strategic locations.

External treatment by an ant exterminator in Forney includes the areas of entry and the entire perimeter of the home. Also, the driveway needs to be treated as well as any sidewalk cracks. Bushes and plants that are near the home also must be treated because they could harbor or attract ants. Once everything is treated you will immediately begin to see an elimination of ants in your home. Retreating is necessary because ant colonies can thrive even in very harsh conditions. Continued care will ensure that you no longer have an ant infestation in or around your home.

Homeowners and residents may have tried to handle ant problems on their own in the past. Unfortunately, the problem is often much more complex than simple sprays and traps can handle. You need a professional to take care of the problem by locating the areas of concern and treating them adequately. If you suffer from ants in your home you need help from Safe Earth Pest Control. Contact us today or visit our website at  

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ant exterminator Forney

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