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Ants are a common presence in many households in the USA. They are second only to bed bugs on the list of... Ant Control in Rocky River Ohio Lakewood Exterminating

Ants are a common presence in many households in the USA. They are second only to bed bugs on the list of pests in Ohio. Due to their small size, they often escape our detection or even attention, except when they follow the irresistible amount of breadcrumbs from leftovers. They may look tiny and harmless, but they could constitute a great nuisance in their larger numbers, being highly organized social insects. Therefore, their classification as pests is right. They can attract some ant-eating pests such as wall geckos, spiders, etc., and even other ants’ species.

Is the war against ants necessary?

Small as they are, they are equipped with powerful jaws that become prominent under the eye of a microscope. There are many species and members (with specific roles). Even though many of them don't sting us when we sleep or when they feel attacked, they pillage our food store, eat through and ruin valuable wood in the house and get away with it since they often build their colonies outside the homes compared to rodents that prefer to live with us.

What makes Lakewood Exterminating the best Ant Control in Rocky River Ohio?

Thus, ants see our homes as hunting and scavenging ground while temporarily retreating into their safe shelter to divide the spoils. But with the best pest exterminators in Rocky Village, OH, on your side, you have nothing to worry about. It may be difficult to remove them yourself as they are quite clever in masking their presence throughout the year, except during spring when their desire to fill up their barn house betray and sell them out.

They eat and gather sugary food items, and any attempt to prevent their infestation by removing these items may not be effective. And this is where we come in. As one of Ohio's best pest control companies, we are experienced in general pest behavior and offer the finest Rocky Village Ohio ant control. Here's a concise comparison between other Rocky Village ant control companies and us.

  • We adopt an innovative ant control strategy.

We understand your frustration in defeating these underdogs in your homes or offices. You don't have to be helpless. The reason why we pride ourselves as the chief Pest control near Rocky Village is that there is no pest, big or small (pun intended!), that can escape our tactical and chemical proactive and counter-warfare. We stand out for our 4-pronged method of ant control in your home.

The first is what we call the Measured Approach, which uses ant bait instead of the conventional all-purpose insecticide that often proves unsustainable in the long run due to pesticide resistance. This is what other companies sell to you in the name of quick action. But our baits contain a smaller amount of active agents and are targeted at the points far away from the enemy's map. If you look forward to knowing more about the other three, you really should consider us.

  • We administer ant control specific to several species and types of ant.

Ants remain one of the most highly organized social enemies for many reasons, chief of which is their division of labor. This is made possible due to their unique body features, even among the same species. This knowledge has pushed us to develop a control that nukes out every one of them without leaving bitter survivors pining for revenge. In Ohio, the Formica ants, the Carpenter Ants, and Fire Ants are prominent. We've got it covered!

  • We offer other services that outmatch our competitors.

We can go on about what makes us the ideal destination for your ant control and infestation solution. Still, we'll stop here with these premium services that make your ant war a triumphant experience and worthy of recommendation to your colleagues at work.

We offer attractive pricing, apply the Exterior Treatment that keeps both the ants and the toxic pesticide outside your house, as well as a 60-Day Warranty of retreatment that's free and unlimited should ants come back for that bitter revenge. Contact Lakewood Exterminating for the best pest control in Ohio: 216-510-9358.

ant control Rocky River Ohio