Sneezes start at the back of the throat and can send as many as 40,000 droplets  rocketing out at a speed of up to 200 miles per hour –  sending tiny droplets of snot flying into the air.   If that person has a cold, or the flu, this mucus has the potential to infect those around them.


Pretty disgusting huh?

We speak to people all the time who tell us there’s no problem with hygiene in their business or workplace but how do they know their cleaner is getting rid of all those germs?  They don’t.  There’s a big difference between things looking clean and being hygienically clean and chances are the cloth the cleaner is using is simply spreading bacteria from surface to surface and the risk of infection still remains.  But it looks okay.  Right.

Microshield’s disinfection process ensures a treated area and it’s entire contents are fully sanitised – removing all risk of infection and cross contamination.  Anyone can use our service.  It’s environmentally friendly, non-allergenic and completely safe to use on electronic items, furnishings, even the pens and paper.

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